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Welcome to the Mentored Acceleration Family!


Think of entrepreneurship as an exciting voyage across an ocean of opportunity. Just like you wouldn't sail into unknown waters without a seasoned navigator, your journey through the world of business should not be undertaken alone. That's where we step in.


At Mentored Acceleration, we're your loyal co-navigators, trusty compass, and weathered map. We offer advisory boards, executive coaching, and Executive-in-Residence services, all dedicated to guiding you toward success, turbo-charging your business returns, and helping you capture essential investment capital.


Let's Meet Your New Crew: The Power of Advisory Boards

Imagine having a group of expert sailors on board your ship, each offering a different piece of wisdom to guide you through your voyage. That's what an Advisory Board is for your business. These seasoned professionals gather around the table to provide support, guidance, and constructive feedback, especially when the seas get rough.


An Advisory Board is different from a Board of Directors. Obligations to shareholders do not tie them down. Instead, they're here to serve you, the captain of the ship, offering advice but never seizing control.


Here are some ways an Advisory Board can help navigate your business:

1. Offering a Diverse Range of Perspectives: Think of them as your business think-tank. They'll help stir up innovation and prevent tunnel vision in decision-making.

2. Boosting Your Credibility: Having respected professionals on your Advisory Board adds a mark of legitimacy to your venture, making it more attractive to potential investors and partners.

3. Providing Strategic Guidance: They'll help you spot market trends, avoid potential icebergs, and chart the best course for your business.

4. Networking Opportunities: They've sailed these waters and have the know-how. They can help you forge valuable connections for business development.

5. Giving Objective Feedback: They have an external perspective and can provide balanced assessments of your operations.

6. Attracting Top Talent: The reputation of your Advisory Board can draw the best sailors to your ship.

7. Facilitating Your Growth as a Leader: Learn from their experiences and knowledge to sharpen your leadership skills.

8. Operational Guidance: Beyond strategy, they offer practical guidance on issues like entering new markets, managing finances, and marketing.


Just like a crew works best when they know their roles, an Advisory Board works best when they know your expectations. That’s why it’s essential to define what you expect from them clearly.


Turn to Executive Coaching for Personal Growth


You're the captain of this ship, and it's crucial that you are at your best. Our executive coaching services are here to make sure of that. We offer:


1. Customized Coaching: Strategies tailored to your unique challenges and goals.

2. Leadership Development: Personalized coaching and mentoring to enhance leadership skills.

3. Performance Optimization: Expert-driven coaching to optimize your business performance.

4. Business Growth: Tools and strategies to accelerate your ROI and lead your business to unparalleled success.


Your Personal Navigator: Executive-in-Residence Services


Imagine having a seasoned captain onboard, someone who's navigated these waters for over 30 years. That's our Executive-in-Residence service for you. They can help with strategic planning, mentorship, and even the complexities of securing funding and investment. They're here to provide invaluable guidance and support to fast-track your business growth.


Embrace the Power of Mentored Acceleration


We at Mentored Acceleration are more than just a service provider; we're your partners, co-navigators, and family. Embrace the power of collective expertise, executive coaching, and Executive-in-Residence services. Together, let's hoist the sails and voyage toward unparalleled success. Welcome aboard!


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