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"Rebuilding Trust: The Key to Reviving Employee Engagement Amidst Declining Leadership Measures"

The decline in employee engagement and trust in leadership is alarming. The pandemic has contributed to a significant decline in three critical leadership measures that drive organizational alignment and execution. The most concerning of these measures is the drop in trust in leadership, with only 21% of US employees fully trusting their organization's leaders. This marks a significant decline from the 2019 peak of 24%. Building trust in leadership is crucial in driving performance, and it is a challenging fix. Leaders must define and manage change correctly to build trust and a positive corporate culture. When employees strongly agree that their leaders implement three specific actions, 95% fully trust their leaders. These actions include clear communication, inspiring confidence in the future, and navigating change. Leaders must effectively communicate the company's vision and approach to achieve it, providing a road map for employees to focus their energy. They must inspire confidence in the future, highlighting progress, and focusing on the primary goal. Leaders must navigate change effectively by giving employees practical next steps, acknowledging progress, and staying true to their values. Building trust in leadership is crucial for employee engagement, business success, and a positive corporate culture.


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