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Team 1-on-1 X-Sessions 

One-on-One Acceleration Coaching for Core Team Members


Everyone wants to be productive and needs a little help in collecting his or her thoughts, setting goals, self-directing a course of action, and having his or her progress supported.


X-Sessions are designed to give team members time to think and to plan in a safe space with a non-biased 3rd party. During these discussions, company goals will are reviewed, and team members will be encouraged to come up with a personal action plan for their part in the success of the company. The facilitator fosters bringing out the best of the team member and holding them accountable to themselves


  • Improve the personal development and productivity of each team member

  • Tie Team Members’ actions to Company Objectives

  • Accelerate Results

Session Agenda:

  • Status update

  • Top of Mind

  • Bio-Feedback - Acceleration Mindset Markers

  • Report on previous action items

  • Review of company goals and quarterly objectives

  • Brainstorming a list of possible high impact actions and prioritize

  • Tie proposed actions to company objectives

  • Commit to actions, activities, and rewards

  • Define deliverable for next visit

  • Accelerate results




Success Factors

  • Happiness
  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Decision Making
  • Worry-Free

Success Factors

Specific appointment to report completion - 95%  
Commit to doing - 65%
Plan how to do - 50%
Decide on doing - 40%
Decide on adopting - 25%
Hear a good  idea - 5%

Success Factors

S - Specific 
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Relevant
T - Time Bound
E - Evaluate
R - Readjust
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