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Josh Case, CEO

Roger is a great source for advice.

I consider Roger a trusted advisor, and I highly value him as a friend

as well as a mentor.

matt hansen.png

Matt Hansen, CEO

Roger helped us really figure out the organics of the team, I would argue that we've had a better culture that isn't anywhere that I could have imagined. And, and I feel like I can attribute an enormous amount of that to Roger in helping figure out the team dynamics.

Roger can help me stay more focused on the things that do give me anxiety and think through how to have answers to those things. And ... have backup plans in case something goes wrong. I feel like it just gives me a lot more thoughtfulness about how to approach and tackle challenges.



Rajeev (Raj) Rawat - Author, Speaker, Consultant at Reverse the Chase Project

Roger is my hero for all the reasons that you also value. He keeps a very low-key profile and has a wicked-bright mind. Roger has launched, advised or invested in literally hundreds of startups. What makes Roger a role model for me is his humility and goodness. He has always extended a helping hand and advice whenever I have reached out to him. 

diane bitaraf.png

Diane Bitaraf, Partner

We have added and restructured employees and changed lead protocol to prepare for growth and efficiency. We have hired a SEO and social marketing management team and are focusing on so many of the tools that we received.

Tim Hunt.png

Tim Hunt, CEO

With what we have learned we grew revenues over 900% and decreased our sales cycle by 67%. It is simple, apply what you learn and grow your sales.


David Przybyla, Marketing Professor at Utah Valley University

Roger is one of the industry’s best when it comes to launching and accelerating startup’s growth. A few minutes of his time could provide a lifetime of valuable advice.

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ken meyers.png

Ken Meyers, CEO

The “boot camp” is designed to hone and improve sales and marketing capabilities. As CEO of a new startup, the program was of huge value in helping me zero in on the highest value launch activities so that we hit the ground running.


Cory Sistrunk, CEO

Roger would be a good fit for companies looking to scale, growth stage.  If he had hired him 5 years ago he would have had better outcomes.  Also a stagnant business that needs to clean the house.

Roger implements small processes that make a big impact over time - enveloping tactical, strategic and leadership development.  Bringing an empathetic perspective to being a leader.

Hari Miyagi.png

Hari Miyagi,CEO

Sales and marketing are one of the most important aspects in any business. The program offered a very structured and practical approach to how to improve productivity. As a result, we are generating more revenue per day than we have achieved in the past.

jan finlinson.png

Jan Finlinson, CEO

We landed interviews with 5 publications at our recent trade show. Additionally, we are revamping our sales process, launching a new website and have focused our efforts to build revenues. Update: I prepared a proposal for a longer term engineering engagement based on your proposal template. Our client accepted the proposal and we landed an $84k 12 month engineering contract + ongoing product sales. The relationship is really progressing well and we are excited for the opportunity. Thank you for you help and for sharing your best practices.

Garin Hess.png

Garin Hess, CEO

This is the crash course MBA for startups and small businesses. Incredibly useful. What they don’t teach you in business school you’ll learn here. Great mentors, great topics. The sales training is the best. This had a tremendous impact on my new business partner’s sales productivity. He had little sales experience before and this has made a huge difference.

summer harris.png

Summer Harris, CEO

For us the last 12 weeks have been invaluable. We have learned many things necessary to move forward toward our goals, many things we didn’t even know we needed to know and many ideas for the future. Thank you …for helping us to communicate more clearly and better understand the needs of our sales representative.

Thank you …for so much insight into the most important functions of our website.

Thank you …. for helping us recognize the impact of social media and creating a positive image of our company. Thank you.

Matt Sederberg.png

Matt Sederberg, CEO

This is an awesome program! Our sales last month were nearly 3x our highest month before starting.

brady anderson.png

Brady Anderson, CEO

We have been able to implement a lot of what we learned and are experiencing tremendous growth as a result. We have increased our number of client companies more than 2-1/2 times and continue to grow at an incredible rate! We have more than doubled revenue and it is very exciting.

dave franz.png

Dave Franz, CEO

We grew our company 64% last year, thanks in large part to the program. Our goals this year is to grow the company 144%

andrew scivally.png

Andrew Scivally, CEO

It’s official! eLearning Brothers is one of the fastest-growing private companies in America for five years in a row; reporting 1,406% growth Inc. 500 List.

Brandon Rodman.png

Brandon Rodman, CEO

The program has been a great opportunity and exercise for our company. We have learned many new things and have learned more about ourselves in the process. Implementing the tools has helped us have 2 consecutive record-breaking months. I would recommend to any company looking to improve and grow.

jake white.png

Jake White, CEO

The program was a great combination of training, consulting, and mentoring. We learn so much from the excellent mentors involved in this program. Each of them was very willing to share their vast business experience and areas of expertise.

greg davidson.png

Greg Davidson, CEO

The program gave me both a broad overview of how to build my business and the details that allowed me to follow through. It was an excellent experience. Part of the value came from the other participants as well. The most obvious example was how it helped me with the direct selling process. I was coached directly and personally on how to win a project with Tyson Foods. That project is worth about $250k.

evan teshima.png

Evan Teshima, CEO

This has been an awesome experience for us. We have been fortunate to go through the program twice. There is so much valuable information available in the program and the mentors are one of a kind. Every mentor has been more than willing to set aside time to meet with us and apply their expertise. The program helped us map out a clear sales process and taught us principles that have helped us increase our closing ratios. With their help, we have taken our software, a complex sale, and turned it into an understandable and exciting sale. 

charles acklin.png

Charles Acklin, CEO

The Mentors immediately began transforming VOLTI. Mentors genuinely cared about us and our success. Their skill and professionalism was exceptional. Each presentation gave us suggestions that generated ideas which we were able to implement immediately. We learned how to expand our vision, increase our possibilities, develop new habits and innovate. Within eight weeks we were able to generate a 2.444 leads to contracts ratio. Sales in the second quarter will exceed previous years.

val gregory.png

Val Gregory, Investor

The program has accelerated our growth significantly and has been an amazing experience. When applying initially, we were somewhat skeptical whether this “free offering” would be worth our time, since we are a start-up, young company, when time is so scarce. This was the best few hours we spent each week by far and guided, and directed the rest of the week. The professional depth and breadth of each mentor were impressive. My feeling is that if there were more programs like this in the nation, we could help small businesses drive us out of our recession and improve organizations and people. Our recommendation is to do this if you get the opportunity. 

regency mint.png

Chuck Little, CEO

You’re killing me with new sales…this stuff works!

We have been very fortunate to participate in the program. We have learned from each of the mentors and appreciate the time and the effort they dedicated to help improve our business. We learned different marketing options that are available (some of which we didn’t know existed), and were able to assess the effectiveness to their application to our business. The program has had an astounding effect on our company. Applying the principles taught have already affected how we do business and will continue to improve it as we learn more about how to effectively apply them. 


Milt Talkington, CEO

I have known Roger for two decades. Not only is he one of the nicest people you will ever encounter he is all about service. He has the ability to put people's needs at the forefront, and present creative solutions to fulfill those needs. It is a pleasure to recommend Roger in any business or personal capacity. If you have the opportunity to go fly fishing with him, then make sure he does not have you tracking Bears to get a closer look! You might get what you're looking for!

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