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Module #1

Ideal Customer


If you want your company to grow better, you need a deep understanding of your ideal customer. To get there you need to create a  customer profile. A profile is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on data, interviews, and some educated guesses. It’s essentially a definition of your ideal customer presented in a way that sounds like it’s talking about a specific person

Ideal Customer Profiling
Module #5

Business Model

Strength Index


The key to profitable acceleration is understanding the x-factors underlying the business model and systematically applying improvements to 1)  Increasing Customer Lifetime Value, 2) Decreasing Customer Acquisition Costs, and 3) Controlling Contribution Margin. All can substantially change the acceleration rate of  your business

Business Model Optimization
Module #9


& Execution




This module provides participants with a tool to refine strategy, clarify thinking, and plan execution.

& Execution
Module #2

Customer Discovery Conversations

Discover discussions naturally and professionally build rapport in the relationship, enhancing your credibility. This is the most important phase of the sale. During the Discover stage, you will learn what’s important to your prospect, establish priorities, identify motivations, and learn the solution your prospect wants to buy.

Customer Discovery Conversations
Module #6

Website Traffic


Have you gone to Google, typed in a phrase and thought "Why doesn't my site show up for that phrase?" We'll explain what causes certain sites to show up higher, and then share the SEO and PPC best practices and key tips to make that happen.

Website Traffic Generation
Module #10
Sales Proposals
That Close

Present the proposal that meets the prospect’s needs and focuses attention on the benefits received by doing business with you. Adapt your proposal if changes are necessary. If you face objections, this is the time to learn what your prospect is really thinking so you can effectively resolve any concerns.

Sales Proposals
That Close
Module #3

Web Data Tracking



Google provides a number of free marketing tools. We want to make sure that you understand and are harnessing the power of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager.

Web Data
Module #7
Referral Based

Enhance the value you bring your customers. During this phase of the sale, you learn more about your customers, their assessment of the value they receive from your solutions, and how you can bring enhanced value to the relationship. When available, Recommendation & Referrals provides you with opportunities to grow your business.

Referral Based
Module #11

Conversion Rate



Your website could be your best salesperson. Is it doing a good job of turning visitors into leads or customers? In this interactive module, your eyes will be opened on how other people see your website, and walk away with several easy to implement strategies to make your site a better salesperson

Conversion Rate Optimization
Module #4


Understanding what Money is specifically looking for makes all the difference. Learn how to put your best foot forward and successfully land funding. This module will explore five key areas to help you prepare for investor due diligence: Team, Terms, Traction, Technology, and Ten X potential. Plus assistance in identifying which sources of funding are the best for your current needs.

Strength Index
Module #8

“Culture Eats Strategy

For Breakfast”

Create a communicative environment; where issues are freely debated and team members are engaged and rowing in the same direction.

"Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast"
Module #12

XO - Acceleration


Ongoing mentoring opportunities designed to give participants clear direction, instruction, and homework to keep participants growing after the boot camp.

XO - Accelerating Opportunities
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