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From the Desk of Roger Andrus - Note from the Founder


Nearly a decade ago we created a way to help entrepreneurs solve their 3 biggest problems when it comes to starting a business:


Generating More Leads - Closing More Business - Keeping More Customers


Coming from a funding background and helping fund more than a thousand companies, we noticed that sales are the key foundational building block of any successful company.  Miss it and nothing else seems to matter.


Companies would come to us for money with projections in hand showing the company taking off like a rocket.  We would go through the process of getting them the capital they needed to execute on the plan only to find these same entrepreneurs back needing more money within months. The excuses were always similar - “overestimated market and abilities to sell, the sales cycle was longer than anticipated, we don’t have enough leads, we stink at sales, etc. etc.”


We started experimenting with our portfolio companies and noticed that companies that followed our hand-picked subject matter experts advice started to hit and exceed sales projections. Not only that, they could show investors traction and bankers repaymentability; attracting capital became easier.


While our Accelerator has helped hundreds of companies, we’ve tracked the first 100 companies closely over the years. So far, these companies have increased combined annual revenues to exceed $200+ million. They are reporting more than $300+ million in liquidity events and follow-on capital infusions, with 20+ exits, and one company selling for 30X revenues. Per a recent survey, on average companies have experienced a valuation increase of more than 17x. Participants strongly credit the program with helping them succeed. On a scale of 1-to-10, they rate the impact of the program on their success as 8.3+. During the last decades, companies worked with have been listed on the Inc. fastest going companies list  47+ times.


Companies that have benefited the most from the program are companies that are launched and stagnant, with leaders that are teachable and who want to take it to the next level. Participants have included Manufacturers, Retailers, Schools, Software, Hardware, Digital Media, Online, Physical Products, Medical Devices, and Consulting services type companies, and all have received tremendous value.  


Typically in the past, we have only been able to accommodate 10 companies at a time with a waiting list of companies wanting acceptance.  They say good things don’t last forever, therefore, I recommend taking advantage of this opportunity sooner rather than later.


Roger Andrus


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